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A Graduation for the COVID Class

I attended my son’s high school graduation yesterday evening:

I woke up tearful. Joyful tears.

I am blown away by how the school division, staff, parents, our county, and volunteers pulled off such a fantastic Senior send off.

The last few weeks included sign and goodie bag drop offs, a parade, countless emails to keep us informed, an online baccalaureate, and thoughtful speeches posted was an outpouring of support and enthusiasm.

There was so much positivity.

My son felt important. He felt special. He felt celebrated.

During the craziest time full of countless unknowns, so many people gave their very best effort for the class of 2020.

What an incredible display of empowering the next generation to rise to every challenge. Maybe, just maybe, having to do things differently is the best catalyst for creativity.

I watched my older son graduate in 2018 in the traditional manner- in an auditorium, seated beside his classmates. It was lovely, no doubt.

The Class of 2020 had a drive in/drive up graduation. The cars lined up like an old drive in movie for the ceremony, then each car drove up for the graduate to get their diploma.

When I initially got the email explaining the process I was a bit skeptical to be sure.

But yesterday arrived and I was able to sit with this younger son during the ceremony. That was cool. His dad and brothers were in the car, his 88 year old grandmother was to my right, his beautiful girlfriend was to my left. We were all beside him for this milestone, it was uniquely special.

Feeling the love for this young man filling our car and surrounding him...that was something.

We listened to and watched the ceremony and it was soon time for the awarding of diplomas. As our car began to move to approach the stage I was so excited!! His turn was coming! This is happening. I’ve got a front row seat!!

Our vehicle pulled up for my son’s turn to receive his diploma:

He stepped out of the car alone and took his first steps as a graduate.

We cheered. The crowd cheered. My graduate walked tall and proudly.

He crossed the stage, stopped for some photos, and was congratulated by the Superintendent as he progressed. His teachers were there grinning as they looked on and clapped for him. He held his diploma proudly.

Then he climbed back in our vehicle to our grins, cheers, and love.

What a tremendous metaphor for this next stage of the lives of these Graduates:

  • You are surrounded by love from your core people.

  • Those in the community you graduated from are pulling for you and cheering you on as you take your next steps.

  • You are valued by those that know you, when you’re out in the world please don’t forget that: you are special and you matter so much.

  • May you always know you can come home to us: We will joyfully welcome you back and surround you in love.

Congratulations Graduates.

The Unforgettable Class of 2020.

~Thank you to all involved for such a special day~

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