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Unreasonably Annoyed

Moving time

I am unreasonably annoyed at my neighbor.

She is preparing to move, and has had a caravan of cars outsite of her home for a week. Over the weekend there were at least 4 in the driveway and 4 on the street. Yesterday there had to be 9 total coming and going throughout the day.

These people have not obstructed my driveway. They have not gotten in my way. They weren't up late and partying loudly.

They are helping my neighbor pack and ready her home to move.

Where is her grit?

Where is her girl-power?

Everytime I see a car out there that is not hers I grumble to myself.

That said, I know it's unreasonable, unwarranted, and a waste of my energy.

I want her to help herself. One or two friends, I understand. But 4-10 carloads every day? Why does she need so much help? Why isn't she doing this herself? Is she disabled and I'm unaware?

Why do I care? Why is this so annoying to me? Where is the phrase, "You do you, Boo," when I need it? This does not affect me in the least.

It does no harm to me whatsoever that she has 42 people helping her pack. I need to let it go. I'd rather yell at her like a drill sargent and tell her to get it together. We mid-forties single women can take care of ourselves, at least for the most part.

I think I don't like that she hasn't seemed to try.

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