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My son can't do his own laundry, but he can buy an assault rifle.

Like so many people, I'm totally disturbed by the recent Florida school shooting. In discussing the incident with my co-worker, she mentioned that she was surprised to learn that the shooter obtained the gun legally. What?!

This information inspired me to do some research. Guess what?. In two weeks, my son turns 18. At that point, he too, can purchase a "long gun" in the state of Virginia. In case you were unaware, semi-automatic long guns are apparently the go-to gun for mass shootings, having been used in the Orlando nightclub shooting, at Sandy Hook elementary, the Las Vegas shooting, and many others.

What the what? Why on God's green earth would my son need a gun like that? Why would anyone his age? He's not responsible enough to consistently wake up for school on time, but the state thinks he can responsibly own a semi-automatic rifle? This is the young man that once went into school with his car still running in the parking lot.

And back to Florida, a quick peek seems that it's more difficult to get a hunting license than it is to purchase a gun. And if you don't have a hunting license, and your 18 or 19 years old, what in the world are you buying a gun for? I bet it's not something good.

It just seems like everyone has gotten caught up in rights and lingo and forgotten all common sense. I don't argue that people have a right to bear arms, but for goodness sakes, I don't think our forefathers had semi-automatic rifles in mind. Like my co-worker said today, if you want to use one of those types of weapons, join the military.

I know there are many, many contributing factors to school shootings, I certainly believe that how our country handles those with mental illness is high on the list. Highest on the list, in my mind, though, is the availability of semi-automatic rifles that have no place in anyone's hands but a soldier's. They certainly shouldn't be easily obtained by people that don't yet pay their own cellphone bill.

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